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France Passion’s “formule invitations”
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All started with The France Passion concept which was invented 1992 by the editor of a wine magazine who noticed that more and more motorhomes were exploring the winegrowing regions of France. His idea was to organize a network of winegrowers who could provide free private parking space on their land, and were happy to welcome motorhomes all year round for an overnight stopover or a 24 hour stay.  
Today in addition to winegrowers there are fruit, cheese, and honey producers together with farmers and other rural business who have joined the network.
The main concept of "“la formule invitations”


· Stay on exclusive private grounds

· Meet local producers and enjoy rural pubs

· 24 h free stopover with the national annual windscreen sticker

· Buy fresh and tasty food on site"


The six networks below profess themselves to the same concept and have on their home pages expressed more details. They are also members of Fédération Européenne de la Formule Invitations  


Important for all of them are:


· Ecotourism (sustainable tourism)

· Attracting motorhome tourists to get off the beaten track

Franc Passion, France:
st. 1993
> 2000 stops
2018 Ed.: 30 € incl. postage

Landvergnügen, Germany:

Est. 2014?
540 stops plus 1000 free parkingplaces
2018 Ed.: 29,90 €




BRIT STOPS, Great Britain: 
Est. 2010
> 900 stops

2018 Ed.: 27,5 £ + postage


Fattore Amico, Italy:

Est. 2004
520 stops
2017 Ed.: 35


Has closed down  
España Discovery, Spain:
Est. ???
200 stops plus 600 free parkingplaces
2018 Ed.: 22 € + 6 € postage

Swiss Terroir, Switzerland:
Est. 2008
Approx. 35 stops
2018 Ed.: 35 €

Another network/Organization

There is also another network who have almost the same agenda as the six mentioned above.


Portugal Tradicional, Portugal:

he application seem to have closed down.