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Free overnight stopovers for motorhome tourists in the Swedish countryside, in connection with local businesses activities (eg farm shops, producers, restaurants, artists, craftsmen and organizers of different activities in rural areas).
SWEDE STOPS' aim is to invite motorhome tourists, Swedish and foreign, to the Swedish countryside, where local businesses provide free overnight stopovers.

In other countries there are, since several years, similar networks of hosts in the countrysides.


They are based on an idea by France Passion (1993) -
Franc Passion
SWEDE STOPS follows the main concept of "“la formule invitations”, which means:
  • Stay on exclusive private grounds

  • Meet local producers and enjoy rural pubs

  • 24 h free stopover with the national annual windscreen sticker

  • Buy fresh and tasty food on site"

t the end of the Guide and on the SWEDE STOPS website,  links to known EU networks are published
SWEDE STOPS started 2015 with a Guide that included about ten hosts in the municipalities of Enköping and Bålsta.

Guide 2017 includes about 40 hosts in Salarna, Gästrikland, Södermanland, Uppland, Västmanland and on the island of Gotland..
Look at the map  and find out how to get a copy of the Guide by clicking here.

The guide is valid 15 April 2017 -> 14 April 2018.
Pictures used, are provided by the hosts. France Passion ®, Brit Stops , Swiss Terroir and Portugal Traditional have kindly given us the permissions to publish the logos and pictures, we are using in the guide and on our web pages. The maps are extracts from GoogleMaps. Information about LPG is provided by myLPG.eu who does not take any responsibility for eventual errors.