Your rights and obligations

Dear motorhome friends,


· SWEDE STOPS ek. för. has agreements with hosts in the countryside who, in connection with their activities, invite motorhome tourists to a free stopover for a night or in max 24 h.


· To protect our hosts from unwanted motorhome tourists who have not purchased the guide, it is important to show the guide and have a valid certificate on the windscreen. This assures them that you have read and accepted your rights and obligations.


Always great your hosts

One of the most important things to remember when visiting a host is to:

· Say hello when you arrive and

· say goodbye when you leave.


No charges, but be considerate

· For some reasons, there are times when it's not possible to come. This is specified in the guide.


· Arrive always before nightfall. You will not be welcome in the middle of the night. Some hosts have gates that are locked at night.


· Park only in the designated location.


· Sometimes, due to a variety of circumstances, personal or work-related, a host can not welcome visitors. Please respect this.


· Remember you are not a paying client but a guest. So please take some time to see what your host has for sale. Information about what is offered is in the guide.


· Do not sneak away: there is no obligation to buy.


· If you have small children, remember that many of the sites are not playgrounds. Be careful of the hosts establishments.


· Never light fires or barbecues, or use generators. Avoid distracting sounds and remember that you are a guest of the family who live and work on the site.


· Pets must be kept on a lead. Information is given in the guide whether pets are welcome.


SWEDE STOPS stopovers sites are not service areas or regular car parks

· Remember SWEDE STOPS-hosts do not charge for staying overnight and You can not expect the same service as at a camp site.


· Do not use toilets, water taps or drains without the host’s permission. Never empty the black water the host’s toilet.


· Do not arrive with empty water tanks and full waste tanks. Even if it says in the guide, the hosts can not always provide these facilities.


· Remember, you are the guest of our hosts, so accept the restrictions imposed by the hosts.


· Some hosts want you to call in advance, but do not use the phone to reserve a space.



If all participants in the network behave politely and considerately, this will help everyone who uses the SWEDE STOPS, not only get the most out of their visit, but also that the visit will be remembered for a long time to come.